Bonus Issues

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Company Name
Ratio Record Date Ex Date
G M Breweries 1:4 25-May-24 24-May-24
Inox Wind 3:1 25-May-24 24-May-24
Newtime Infra. 2:1 23-May-24 22-May-24
Titan Intech 3:5 17-May-24 17-May-24
Timescan Logist. 1:1 17-May-24 17-May-24
Arham Tech 1:1 03-May-24 03-May-24
Nidhi Granites 1:1 02-May-24 02-May-24
The Anup Enginee 1:1 23-Apr-24 23-Apr-24
Shukra Pharma. 3:1 20-Apr-24 19-Apr-24
Naapbooks 2:1 19-Apr-24 19-Apr-24