Thematic Stock Baskets

Thematic Stock Baskets comprise pre-evaluated stocks grouped together around a common theme. These baskets offer a simplified way to diversity risk and align with your financial objectives. They act as intelligent solutions, enabling easier entry into equity markets and facilitating your investment journey.

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Equity Investing

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Tailor Made

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Evergreen Basket

Evergreen Basket

This basket holds top large cap stocks, secto leaders set to deliver steady returns despite market fluctuations due to their strong growth history. Chosen for their robust fundamentals, market dominance, and reliable management, these "consistent compounder" companies aim for stable long-term returns, especially in tough economic times.

Dark Horses Basket

Dark Horses Basket

This collection comprises multi-cap companies poised for rapid growth in favourable business conditions. Using a bottom-up approach, it includes unique opportunities undergoing structural changes, poised for transformation in the near future. The investment strategy focuses on witnessing these companies' transformative phases, potentially offering substantial returns for minority investors.

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Narnolia Investment

Narnolia Investment
Advisory Portfolio

NS Investment Advisory Portfolios are research-backed thematic baskets designed to provide professional competency while retaining the flexibility of direct ownership of stocks, for long-term wealth creation.

Discover Narnolia Advisory Portfolios:

•  NS Industry Leaders

•  NS 5TX5T

•  NS Multi Cap

•  NS Mid and Small Cap

Evergreen Basket

Value Stock IAP

Value Stocks Investment Advisory Portfolios are curated to help investors make informed decisions and help with their financial goals without the hassle of tracking and researching stock markets.

Explore the portfolios based on specific strategy-

•  Small Cap High Growth Low Valuation Strategy

•   Blue Chip High growth low Valuation Strategy

•   Emerging Stocks High Growth low Valuation Strategy

•   PSU Stocks High Growth Low Valuation Strategy