NJ Arbitrage Fund Announces change in Exit Load Structure

13-May-24   14:41 Hrs IST
NJ Mutual Fund has announced that the exit load of NJ Arbitrage Fund will be revised as under with effect from May 06, 2024:

Change in Exit Load:

Name of the Scheme Existing Exit Load Structure Revised Exit Load Structure
NJ Arbitrage Fund 1.NIL Exitload? for 5% ofthe units upto completion of30 days
The ?First In First Out (FIFO)? logic will be applied while selecting the units for redemption.
Waiver of Exit load is calculated for each inflow transaction separately on FIFO basis and not on the total units through multiple inflows.
The load free units from purchases made subsequentto the initial purchase will be available only after redeem ing allunits from the initial purchase.

2.All units redeemed /switched-out in excess ofthe 5% load free units will be subject to the below mentioned exitload.
1.00% - if Units are redeemed /switched-out on or before 30 days from the date of allotment
Nil- if redeemed after 30 days from the date of allotment.


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