NSE launches Nifty India Tourism Index to track travel & tourism stocks

19-Jun-24   11:18 Hrs IST

NSE Indices, a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), launched a new thematic index - the Nifty India Tourism Index.

This index will track the performance of companies from the Nifty 500 that are directly linked to the travel and tourism industry. The launch comes amidst the Indian government's continued efforts to promote India as a leading destination for international tourism. Travel and tourism are two of the largest industries in India, with a total contribution of about $199.6 billion to the country's GDP (Source: IBEF).

The Nifty India Tourism Index aligns with NSE's vision to provide innovative indices in line with market trends, said Mukesh Agarwal, CEO, NSE Indices. This new index will facilitate the creation of investment products specifically targeting the tourism industry, providing valuable tools for investors to capitalize on its growth potential, he added.

The Nifty India Tourism Index will have a base date of April 1, 2005, with a base value of 1000. The index will be reconstituted twice a year and rebalanced quarterly to reflect changes in the travel and tourism sector. This index is expected to serve as a benchmark for asset managers and a reference point for passive investment options like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), index funds, and structured products.

The Indian travel and tourism industry is a significant contributor to the country's GDP, and this new index is a positive step towards attracting further investment and propelling its growth.

Nifty India Tourism Index: Under the Hood:

The index will track a maximum of 30 companies from the Nifty 500 that are most relevant to the travel and tourism sector. Currently, it consists of 17 stocks, with weightage based on their periodic capped free-float market capitalization. To ensure diversification, no single stock can account for more than 20% of the index. The index will be reconstituted, meaning the basket of companies can change, twice a year and rebalanced, meaning the weightage of each company can adjust, every quarter to reflect industry dynamics.

Over the past year, the index has delivered a significant gain of 41.98%. The index boasts a healthy 5-year CAGR of 19.49%. Since its inception (1 April 2005), the index has generated a CAGR of 12.19%.

Consumer Services sector holds the largest share of the index at a whopping 66.98%. Services sector follow closely behind at 29.73%. The remaining 3.29% is attributed to Consumer Durables.

InterGlobe Aviation, the parent company of IndiGo, takes the top spot with a weightage of 20.01%. Indian Hotels Co., the operator of the Taj Group of hotels, follows closely behind at 19.89%. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (14.40%), GMR Airports Infrastructure (9.72%), and Jubilant Foodworks (8.78%) complete the top five constituents.

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